Home Insurance, is your comparison site quote really what it says it is?

Home insurance


Home Insurance: the safest way to protect your property

Home insurance shouldn’t be seen as an inconvenience; put simply, it the easiest way to safeguard your property and the things within it.

If you are yet to arrange home insurance, or you’re unsure whether you actually need it, consider the following:

  • a burglary takes place every 40 seconds here in the UK
  • you are twice as likely to be burgled if you live in an urban area than a rural area
  • you are six times more likely to be burgled without both window locks and double locks, or deadlocks on outside doors
  • 56% of burglaries happen at night, and in 57% of cases someone is at home when the break-in occurs

Burglaries aside, if your home was damaged under other circumstances, having the right home insurance would mean that your provider would have to reimburse you for all costs incurred. Without it, you could be left to foot the bill.

Useful tips when searching for home insurance:

  • cheap, non-specific deals are usually too good to be true – don’t be swayed by them
  • read through the policy wording in detail to make sure you understand exactly what is covered
  • ensure that the policy you decide on accommodates your home’s value and contents sufficiently

Home insurance is there to give you complete peace of mind; for more information on the types of cover we offer contact our team today on 01737373222 or visit http://www.insureeasy.co.uk

Home Insurance, is your comparison site quote really what it says it is?

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