On March the 17th revelers of all nationalities can be found in pubs and bars across the country in honour of St. Patrick. This is one of the recognised holidays that can be a challenging time for licensees, who in the throng of a busy day or nights trading can unintentionally lose sight of their responsibilities.

Challenge 21 and refusing alcohol to those who are drunk are a given when it comes to protecting your licence, but busier bars and all day drinking can bring with them their own challenges that should be considered in the lead-up to this popular celebration.

InsureEasy highlights some of the circumstances which can lead to serious problems for licensees:

It’s busier – You might find you’re inundated with far more customers than you would usually expect. If you’re in a town or city centre location, then you should check that you have a good number of bar and door staff on duty, as well as other members of floor staff to clear away glasses which might otherwise build up and cause hazards.

It’s crowded – It’s essential to ensure that your premise does not exceed the capacity allowed according to fire regulations. If you’re concerned, then having door staff on duty will help, as they can count customers as they come and go.

It’s noisier – If you’re bar or pub is in a residential area, it’s sensible to think ahead as to how you can minimise the noise levels, especially when people are leaving. It can be tempting on anticipated busy days to extend your hours for the occasion, but the risk of neighbours complaining of noise levels at 2am may outweigh the additional profit.

It’s cheaper – Dangling tempting drinks offers is one way to pull in the punters, but can be a fast route to losing your licence, which has tough rules on drinks promotions which encourage excessive alcohol consumption.

By addressing these potential issues before they arise, and discussing any concerns with local police beforehand, you can help protect your licence while still ensuring that a good knees up is had by all.

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