It might be more expensive, but there are plenty of business owners and directors keen to keep their manufacturing operations in the UK. From Head of Sales and Marketing to Equipment Manufacturers – here are the reason given by just some of them:
Jon Usher – Head of Sales and Marketing, Glen Dimplex
“Our future as a business being based in the UK is very optimistic. Our research shows that caterers are more likely to choose equipment that is built in Britain, with a feeling that appliances manufactured in the UK offer something that is sought after.”


Neil Richards – MD, Metcalfe Catering Equipment
“By purchasing and supporting British made products, the catering equipment distributor network will be supporting and backing investment, education, skills, innovation, value and prosperity generation in our economy.”


Nic Banner – Sales Director, Induced Energy
“We have a client base that want to buy British designed and manufactured induction technology. Why would we want to leave the UK and manufacture abroad?”


David Smithson – CEO, Classeq
“The more products that are made and sold in the UK the more our economy will stabilise and continue to grow. So we would like to continue to keep our business roots firmly planted in British soil.”
Active Food Systems meanwhile make no promises about keeping their operations in the UK, as the future of the industry can’t be predicted. However, Operations Manager Morag Anderson said that it was that the company would strive for.

“Nothing can be guaranteed in the development of a business; however, it is our intention and passion to remain a ‘British’ company from top to bottom,” she said.

“Being based in Britain supports our cultural standards and British manufacturing underpins our economy.”


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