From loss of business to regulatory fines, it’s hard to imagine that sticking a label on the wrong product could cause the business responsible so much bother. But it can, and it does. [NAME OF BROKER] have rounded up 5 common issues around labelling:

1. Misplacement
The same streamlined automated services that are designed to be helpful in the manufacturing and distribution industry can also be a hindrance. Products with the wrong label could be directed into the wrong place, causing inventory discrepancies, and missed deadlines. By the time the mistake has been corrected, money could have been lost and the product may not even be relevant anymore.

2. Penalties and loss of business
Compliance on labels is strict, and any glitches at this stage mean any products due to be shipped may be held back, and those already on their way to the end user can be recalled and the distributor or manufacturer fined for mislabelling.

It only takes one dissatisfactory experience for a customer to take their business elsewhere, and one major product recall to result in business closure following irreparable damage to reputation.

3. Holding back business
To meet demand, manufacturing businesses need to be fast-paced and efficient, and there are plenty of systems available to make this possible. If the labelling process is lagging behind due to redundant relabeling, for example, it’s going slow everything else down.

4. Global shipping
If a business wants to ship to other countries, they need to meet their labelling standards, and these are becoming ever more complex. Understanding these standards and complying with government mandates to the country they’re supplying to means the manufacturers and distributors are not shut out of these markets.

5. The end user
Allergens in bold, sugar content – customers know what they want to see on the labels of the products they buy, and how it should be laid out for quick reading. Ignoring these requirements of the consumer, or failing to respond quickly enough, could see them take their business elsewhere. Depending on your product, this could result in a market share loss.

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