There are enough boredom filler apps out there to entertain maybe your dog, but mostly you, from one that makes interesting noises to get your dog to look at the camera, to another which “translates” your dogs barking.

But if you’re serious about caring for your dog, here are five apps to check out:

1. Perfect Dog
This is an app for before you get a dog. It has information and pictures of over 350 dog breeds, and lets you search by useful information such as whether a particular breed gets on with children or whether they shed hair, as well as by physical attributes like long ears or medium-sized.
This makes the list as it can help you make the right choice on your future pet in the first instance, and potentially avoid problems in the future.

2. Map My Dog Walk
Just like the popular activity app for us humans, Map My Dog Walk tracks the distance and duration of your dog walk, taking into account variables such as pace, speed and elevation.

This way you’ll be able to ensure you’re putting enough into your dogs exercise, or limiting it where necessary.

3. Dog Friendly
More for your social life than your dog’s health, this app boasts a database of over 27,000 locations in the UK, including hotels, camping sites, beaches and pubs. Each one can be pinpointed on Google Maps, making them easy to find, and it means you don’t have to leave your dog home alone or put them in a boarding kennel.
4. Pet Coach
Google is littered with forums dishing out health advice for pet owners, from other pet owners. Pet Coach puts worried pet owners in touch with verified veterinarians and pet experts to give you the answers you need. You can browse topics and sources – from nutrition to fleets – and ask a vet at anytime to receive a free answer.

5. Mydog
This app works alongside the UK’s largest database for microchipped pets, Petlog. Send an instant lost alert to Petlog, Facebook, DogLost and friends and family, get advice and essential contacts to help you locate your pet, and search for vets and rescue centres nearby using the app’s Directory for Dogs or Cat Friendly Directory

Remember that pet insurance can cover the costs of medical treatment, missing pet advertisement and rewards, boarding fees and holiday cancellation. Speak to Commercial Insurance Services Ltd about the right options for you and your pet.

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