A 2011 report from the UK’s Mental Health Foundation found that 30% of the UK population are sleep deprived. And while it may be an insurmountable task for a hotel to cure a guest’s prevailing insomnia, and many of those booking are looking for a place simply to crash out rather than sleep – it’s still important for hotels not to forget their reason for being.

Some hotels are taking the promise of a good night’s sleep to the next level. Such is the case for Hilton, whose canopy beds regulate heat and moisture.

Aside from putting an order in for the brightest and best bed innovations, what else can you do to make sure your guests at least have the option for some serious shut-eye?


Address the five senses
Research has shown that all five senses have a role in the treatment of sleep disorders and insomnia.

The Quietroom Foundation developed a five senses sleep programme in collaboration with the Dutch Knowledge Centre Sound Insulation (KGI) and Somnio, a scientific institute specialising in sleep therapy and insomnia treatment. Here is how the programs findings works can be applied to hotels for practical solutions towards a better night sleep:

  • Sound – A quiet room is an obvious plus for a hotel room, and can be achieved through added sound insulation in wall, floors and windows. For those who struggle with complete silence, offer a selection of ambient noises through a sound system.
  • Sight – Your hotel could be in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, but with blackout blinds, your guest may as well be in the middle of nowhere. Give plenty of options for lights – overheads and soft side lighting so your guests have flexibility whether they’re gearing up or winding down. Muted colour schemes also add to a calming, restful environment and should apply to walls as well as soft furnishings.
  • Smell – Air purifying solutions will help steer allergy issues, while relaxing aromas in the form of bed sprays or air fresheners will create an air of calm. Literally.
  • Touch – Beyond a comfortable bed, temperature is probably the second biggest sleep factor after noise and bright lights. Give guests the option to adjust the heating so they can enjoy their sleep without throwing off the bed covers or shivering throughout the night. If you’re able to, different mattress topper options will give your guests even greater say on how they enjoy their rest.
  • Taste – If you provide room service, make sure the food options include healthy, light snacks and meals in addition to gut-busting dishes which will only hinder sleep as the body preoccupies itself with digestion.


A good night’s sleep forms the cornerstone of a hotel experience upon which you can build all others, such as food, service, location and price.

If you have any plans to make upgrades to your hotel, let your insurance provider know to make sure your policy accommodates new additions and alterations.

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