The promise of a sunny day brings with it a high state of excitement and relaxation in a country where the summer months don’t come with a guarantee of hot weather. Dusty BBQs are dragged out of sheds, picnics are back, and windows and doors are thrown open to welcome the summer breeze. Therein lies the security problem, and the perfect opportunity for thieves. Even if you don’t forget to close a window at night, bolder criminals might even take advantage of easy access to your valuables in broad daylight.

North Yorkshire Police offer the following advice to avoid a theft in warmer weather:

  • Keep the front and back doors locked and windows closed as much as
    possible, also on cars.
  • If windows are open, keep them on the latch so that they cannot be
    opened further from outside.
  • Keep valuables and keys out of sight and well away from front or back
    doors where they may be easily reached.
  • Keep side gates locked.
  • Put away garden tools, ladders etc. after use so they cannot be used
    to gain access.
  • Use a strong lock on sheds, garages and other outbuildings and bolt
    hinges on for additional security.
  • Consider fitting outdoor security lighting.
  • Keep an eye on neighbouring properties.
  • If you see anything suspicious contact police on 101.

Remember that if you are a victim of theft but there is no sign of break-in as the thief has gained access through an open window, you may be unable to claim. Check your home insurance policy details for more information.

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car-insurance-shopping-101-things-to-remember_3Rather than increasing competitiveness pushing the cost of car insurance down, close analysis shows that the opposite may be true.

A closer look at the most recent AA British Insurance Premium Index showed that the average cost of a comprehensive policy had risen by £12.50 bringing it up to £568 for an annual policy. The average cost of five of the cheapest quotes from comparison websites showed were up by nearly £84.

It seems this increase is down to the reluctance insurers have in offering cheap introductory offers at a loss, as they’re now well aware that most people will shop around come their renewal for a cheaper deal when the policy levels out to its normal rate.

AA director of insurance Michael Lloyd shed some light on one of the reasons for this upward trajectory,

“As more people look for introductory offers there is less incentive for companies to offer loss-making prices to attract new business that will, a year later, go elsewhere. So I believe this is one driver of recent premium increases while insurers are looking for ways to better reward customer loyalty.”

The Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) which rose by 67% between January to March 2016 has also been blamed for pricier premiums. This pushed up the overall cost of insurance premiums up by 15%, the highest ever recorded according to the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) and the Acturis Insurance Price Index.

Add to these factors the claims for whiplash which are still “unacceptably high” and the instance of uninsured drivers and you have a trend which shows no signs of back tracking,

“Premiums have not risen by as much over the second quarter as some commentators predicted although it’s still an upward trend that I expect to continue over the rest of the year,” Lloyd said.


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InsureEasy is now OPEN!



The premises formally known as “Studio 7” is now occupied by Commercial Insurance Services Trading as is part of the CISL group. We are an independent insurance brokers that have been established for 19 years, the last 11 years of which we have been trading from our offices in Banstead.  We already take care of the Insurance needs for many Banstead businesses and residents.

You might be asking yourself, 11 years? Why have I never heard of CiSL?! Well the answer is simple, our original offices are directly above Cubitt & West Estate Agents and not having a ground floor presence means that, to some, we have gone unnoticed!

All has changed! – We now also occupy the building at the rear of Cubitt & West once known as “Studio 7.   This will be home to InsureEasy – our online hub and a place you can come and have a cup of tea whilst obtaining a very competitive Insurance quote – whether for your business or for you personally.

No matter what type of insurance you require, we have access to most of the insurance market and can find the right insurance at the right premium with wide cover and backed up by an excellent claims service.

So next time you are passing whether you need an insurance quote, advice or even just to log you renewal date with us – pop in for a friendly welcome.  Our doors are open 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. Alternatively you can call us on 01737 377250.


See you soon!


The CiSL Team

InsureEasy is now OPEN!

£200m investment to tackle fraud in the insurance industry



Lost luggage, ice cream van accidents and bus crashes all contributed to more than 130,000 fraudulent claims in 2015, the equivalent of 2500 per week.

Motor claims were the most common of frauds, according to the figures released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), totally 70,000 instances amounting to a value of £800m.

Overall, fraudulent claims are down on last year, while ‘slip and trip’ claims have increased by a third to 26,900, with a value of £391m.

Individual cases include an aircraft engineer who claims £189,000 of luggage for an empty suitcase and 19 fraudsters laughing as they feigned whiplash injury after faking a bus crash.

In May 2015 partners Rafal Sikorski, 29, and Anna Radomska, 31 made separate claims for over £6000 after what investigators believe to be a staged collision. Both asserted they suffered limiting injuries, only for Sikorski to be found entering a martial arts competition in the Phillipines, and Radomska horse riding. Both were found out after posting their activities on facebook.

James Dalton, director of general insurance policy at ABI, said that greater efforts were being made on holding those who cheat in insurance accountable.

“The chances of getting caught have never been greater” he said. “The scale of frauds uncovered shows that the industry’s £200m a year investment in tackling fraud is paying dividends.”

Detective Chief Inspector Oliver Little, of IFED, said “A lot of insurance fraud is stopped by the industry but when they succeed, fraudsters take money from all of us.

“What these figures can’t show is the links we’ve seen in a hardcore of organised criminals between crash for cash and other serious organised crime.

“Nor can these figures do justice to the real danger of serious injury or death these people bring to our roads.”


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£200m investment to tackle fraud in the insurance industry


Insurance Broker Advantage

Whatever type of insurance you’re looking for, arranging your cover through an independent insurance broker – rather than a do-it-yourself price comparison site – is your best bet when it comes to finding the right level of cover at the right price.

On the face of it, price comparison sites offer great deals, especially when cost is the main consideration. But dig a bit deeper, and there are lots of reasons why using a broker can prove a very wise choice. The main benefits include:

  • you’ll get truly independent advice from the professionals
  • they’ll work hard on your behalf and shop around to get you the best deal
  • experienced staff with specialist knowledge of their chosen insurance sector
  • a broker knows the insurance market and recognises when you’re getting value for money and can negotiate on your behalf
  • you get personal advice and support, and have an insurance expert “in your corner” with your best interests in mind
  • you can ask questions, air concerns and get advice and recommendations – but still have the final say
  • you learn about the pros and cons of each option in a way you can understand
  • unlike an agent, an insurance broker deals with many companies, not just one, so they can find you the best value
  • insurance brokers are extremely well qualified, and must meet very high professional standards
  • in-house claims support is available if the worst happens

The personal touch

There’s nothing quite like dealing with someone who takes the time to get to know you and your circumstances. Independent insurance brokers provide that personal touch. At the same time, customers still benefit from competitive rates and some of the best deals that the broker can negotiate because of their established relationships with the UK’s leading insurers.

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