Insurance Broker Advantage

Whatever type of insurance you’re looking for, arranging your cover through an independent insurance broker – rather than a do-it-yourself price comparison site – is your best bet when it comes to finding the right level of cover at the right price.

On the face of it, price comparison sites offer great deals, especially when cost is the main consideration. But dig a bit deeper, and there are lots of reasons why using a broker can prove a very wise choice. The main benefits include:

  • you’ll get truly independent advice from the professionals
  • they’ll work hard on your behalf and shop around to get you the best deal
  • experienced staff with specialist knowledge of their chosen insurance sector
  • a broker knows the insurance market and recognises when you’re getting value for money and can negotiate on your behalf
  • you get personal advice and support, and have an insurance expert “in your corner” with your best interests in mind
  • you can ask questions, air concerns and get advice and recommendations – but still have the final say
  • you learn about the pros and cons of each option in a way you can understand
  • unlike an agent, an insurance broker deals with many companies, not just one, so they can find you the best value
  • insurance brokers are extremely well qualified, and must meet very high professional standards
  • in-house claims support is available if the worst happens

The personal touch

There’s nothing quite like dealing with someone who takes the time to get to know you and your circumstances. Independent insurance brokers provide that personal touch. At the same time, customers still benefit from competitive rates and some of the best deals that the broker can negotiate because of their established relationships with the UK’s leading insurers.

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Ever wondered how the Lloyds Insurance Market works?

Ever wondered how your insurance broker determines the price of your bespoke policy? Here is a short animation provided by one of our Markets demonstrating the quotation process. Remember not every policy is the same that why at CiSL we take pride in finding the RIGHT insurance at the RIGHT premium.

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Ever wondered how the Lloyds Insurance Market works?

Get the cover you need, so you can relax the way you want

Don’t let a lack of travel insurance ruin your holiday

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If you want a holiday to remember for all the right reasons, arranging the correct level of travel insurance is just as important as remembering your passport and travel money.

Travel insurance is an absolute must, regardless of where you’re going on holiday and how long you’re away for. It’s a holiday essential that will provide you with financial protection just in case the unexpected happens while you’re away.

Many people forget to buy a travel insurance policy, or decide they can do without, and if you’re one of them, you could be exposing yourself to thousands of pounds worth of potential costs if something unforeseen happens. We’ve all heard stories of holidaymakers falling ill or breaking a limb while away and having to pay tens of thousands of pounds on hospital treatment and an air ambulance back to the UK.

Take your furry friends away with you – but remember they need insurance too
The recently introduced ‘Passport for Pets’ scheme means you can now take your beloved pet away with you to any of the countries that have signed up to the scheme, but remember they’ll need insurance too. Pet travel insurance is available for single trips or on an annual multi-trip basis if you are lucky enough to travel abroad more than once a year.

Check the small print
Travel insurance covers you for a range of problems that may arise while you’re travelling – from the catastrophic to the merely inconvenient – but it’s important to check the small print and make sure you’re clear what you are, and aren’t, covered for.

A good travel insurance policy will cover you for:

  • cancelling or cutting your holiday short in an emergency such as sudden illness or family bereavement
  • lost or stolen belongings
  • medical expenses if you have an accident or become ill; this is especially important if you visit a country with no state health service such as the US.

Many holidaymakers assume their policy will pay out if their trip is cancelled or cut short due to an earthquake, disease or terrorist attack, but cancellation and curtailment cover is often very narrowly defined and doesn’t include such events.


Remember – there are exceptions and limits in every travel insurance policy. Make sure you read the small print, or even better, ask your Commercial Insurance Services Ltd broker to arrange a policy on your behalf. Call 01737 373222 or visit http://www.cisl.co for more information. We guarantee to find you the right insurance at the right premium. 

Get the cover you need, so you can relax the way you want