Broker Network Finalist – Success Story

Broker Network Awards – Broker Network Conference 2016

We are very pleased and proud to announce that not one, but two of our colleagues at Commercial Insurance Services Ltd have made it as finalists for the prestigious Broker Network awards in separate categories. What categories they are?!


Innovation Of The Year 2016

Firstly, we have our Marketing Manager Ross Whaley BA hons, who has been with the company since 2014. Pushing the boundaries of Marketing and innovation within our industry beyond what we could have ever expected. Ross’s bespoke vision and way of visually communicating, campaign after campaign, delivering the desired result every time.

A little background from Ross’s career. 3 years at a Design & Marketing College, followed by a 3 year course at a highly commended Design University. Graduating with Hons as a Graphic Designer with a true flare and passion for Design & Marketing with vast experience in B2B & B2C Marketing. He came on board with CiSL as our Marketing Manager back in 2014. Upon arrival working closely with the Managing Directors, InsureEasy was born. A vast knowledge and experience in Design, Marketing & Social Media Communication, InsureEasy soon had a clear vision and the marketing plan began to take shape.


InsureEasy an online Insurance Broker, something our industry has been crying out for since the dawn of the “Comparison Site”. InsureEasy is a site like no other, with the use of social media and online chat facilities customers are able to interact and quote for them selves, yet if they need advice it is always there with a fully qualified CERT CII broker on the other end of the screen. So for those who like to handle their Insurance online InsureEasy is there.

Rather than being bombarded to take the “Cheapest” priced policy and finding out you are uninsured, InsureEasy is laid out in such a way that clients understand their risk prior to engaging with the quote engine. InsureEasy has a had amazing success and continues to generate leads and look after it’s ever growing online community.


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This not being his first final he has helped CiSL to achieve, Finalists for Broker Brand Campaign of the Year Award 2015 at The Insurance times awards, and now a finalist as Broker Innovation Of The Year for Broker Network Awards 2016.


All the best in your category Ross, we at Commercial Insurance Service are rooting for you #marketingman

Rising Star of the Year 2016

Secondly, we are very proud to have Adam Cooper CERT CII as a Finalist who has been part of the CiSL team since 2012. Starting as a young admin apprentice, his talents and passion for the Insurance Industry did not go unnoticed. Completing his apprentice scheme within record time, by the age of 17, Adam was well on the way to becoming the young broker we had hoped.

Having a natural talent for interacting with clients, Adam soon became one of the top target achievers within the renewal department at the time. Seeing this natural passion for business & the success of InsureEasy generating so many leads, Management decided to offer Adam the opportunity to become a New Business Executive. He has a natural way of building report with clients both new and existing which was exactly what the company was looking for to push InsureEasy to the next stage of its business plan.

In late 2015, 4 months into his New Business Executive role, the opportunity arose, thanks to BeWiser & Broker Network, for Adam to embark on a 12 day intensive CERT CII course. Once again Adam passed his CERT CII with flying colours and entered into 2016 fully qualified.

At the age of 20 Adams fast rise to success had not gone unnoticed. With BIBA 2016 Young Broker of the Year approaching it was given that his colleagues would nominate him for his achievements within the industry in such a short space of time. Making it all the way to the final 9 was a massive accomplishment for Adam and an absolute privilege to say he is a part of the CiSL team.

Adam Cooper - Business Cards.jpg

With the help of CiSL, BeWiser & Broker Network, Adam Cooper (CERT CII) has been able to begin one of the fastest ascents to success that the Insurance Industry has ever seen. Only great things will come with this young mans career, and at the young age of 21 he is showing tremendous potential.

Win or lose on the 7th October Adam is and amazing Broker to work along side and is highly appreciated within the company. Best of luck, all of your colleagues at the Commercial Insurance Service Ltd are behind you.

Closing Comment

We wish both candidates the best of luck in the running for their awards, however we would like to use this opportunity to say that we at CiSL value all of our staff, without them, Commercial Insurance Services would not exist as you know it today, and we would not have the high level of service that we pride ourselves on offering our customers. Thank you team!


*Want to know more about Broker Network Awards & the 2016 Conference. Please see below.

Celebrate the best in independent broking

The inaugural Broker Network Awards, hosted by BIBA Chief Executive Steve White, are designed to recognise and celebrate hard work, member achievements and accomplishments in a variety of different areas and will take place at our National Conference on 7th October from 4pm.

We hope that by taking part in the awards, you will feel increased levels of community spirit and be proud to be part of a Network that recognises and celebrates broker independence.

Awards Categories

  • Independent Broker of the Year
  • Rising Star of the Year (broker under 35)
  • Growth strategy of the Year
  • Industry Achiever Award
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Start-up Broker of the Year
  • Strategic Partner Insurer of the Year



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Broker Network Finalist – Success Story

£200m investment to tackle fraud in the insurance industry



Lost luggage, ice cream van accidents and bus crashes all contributed to more than 130,000 fraudulent claims in 2015, the equivalent of 2500 per week.

Motor claims were the most common of frauds, according to the figures released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), totally 70,000 instances amounting to a value of £800m.

Overall, fraudulent claims are down on last year, while ‘slip and trip’ claims have increased by a third to 26,900, with a value of £391m.

Individual cases include an aircraft engineer who claims £189,000 of luggage for an empty suitcase and 19 fraudsters laughing as they feigned whiplash injury after faking a bus crash.

In May 2015 partners Rafal Sikorski, 29, and Anna Radomska, 31 made separate claims for over £6000 after what investigators believe to be a staged collision. Both asserted they suffered limiting injuries, only for Sikorski to be found entering a martial arts competition in the Phillipines, and Radomska horse riding. Both were found out after posting their activities on facebook.

James Dalton, director of general insurance policy at ABI, said that greater efforts were being made on holding those who cheat in insurance accountable.

“The chances of getting caught have never been greater” he said. “The scale of frauds uncovered shows that the industry’s £200m a year investment in tackling fraud is paying dividends.”

Detective Chief Inspector Oliver Little, of IFED, said “A lot of insurance fraud is stopped by the industry but when they succeed, fraudsters take money from all of us.

“What these figures can’t show is the links we’ve seen in a hardcore of organised criminals between crash for cash and other serious organised crime.

“Nor can these figures do justice to the real danger of serious injury or death these people bring to our roads.”


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£200m investment to tackle fraud in the insurance industry

What would you guess tops the list for holiday regrets? (hint: it’s not travelling without insurance)

CiSL - Husky dogs


As far as being sensible goes, having travel insurance should be at the top of the priority list. But it seems like it comes quite far down the list of holiday regrets, behind leaving your passport in your room and being hospitalised, but above riding mopeds without helmets.

SPANA, the animal charity which works towards the welfare of animals working abroad, such as those which are critical to the tourist industry, conducted the research which showed that allowing others to dictate how you spent your holiday was the number one regret. After that came “choosing a destination that was too touristy” and “choosing a destination where there was literally nothing to do.”

Travel decisions featured heavily in the list, with some lamenting the decision to go out the night before an early flight, wishing they’d paid for priority boarding and resenting not leaving enough room for holiday purchases in their luggage.

It also appeared that some holidaymakers regretted not being more adventurous, with  “failing to try local foods when given the opportunity” and “being too scared to experiment with different sports and activities” both making the top 20. On the flipside, “getting food poisoning”, “embarking on a holiday romance” and “drinking local alcohol to excess” shows that a happy medium might make less room for remorse.

While insurance appears to be less of a priority, getting it right could help solve a lot of the other holiday misdemeanours. Alas there’s no cover for “choosing a destination that was too ‘British’”. That’s something that can only be helped with a bit of research.



  1. Letting others dictate how you spent your holiday, rather than doing what you wanted
    Choosing a destination that was too ‘touristy’
    3. Choosing a destination where there was literally nothing to do
    4. Falling out with the people you went on holiday with
    5. Deciding not to purchase a souvenir and then wishing you had
    6. Choosing a destination that was too ‘British’
    7. Forgetting to wear sun cream / sunbathing all day and getting badly burnt
    8. Drinking local alcohol to excess
    9. Drinking too much on a night out and behaving badly
    10. Getting food poisoning
    11. Not bringing plug adapters
    12. Choosing not to leave the resort, and failing to ‘sight see’
    13. Not making any effort to learn language basics
    14. Going on holiday with the wrong people (in-laws, annoying friends)
    15. Failing to try local foods when given the opportunity
    16. Getting ripped off (e.g. not knowing the exchange rate or currency value)
    17. Falling into a deep sleep on the sunbed and getting sunburnt
    18. Being too scared to experiment with different sports and activities
    19. Going out on the last night before a really early flight home
    20. Not taking more sun lotion / mosquito repellent and paying more for it abroad
    21. Walking through unsafe, unlit areas at night
    22. Not telling your bank you’re going abroad
    23. Not ‘switching off’ from work
    24. Forgetting your phone charger
    25. Embarking on a holiday romance
    26. Deciding not to embark on a holiday romance
    27. Not saving space for holiday purchases
    28. Not paying for priority boarding
    29. Talking about work on holiday, instead of enjoying the holiday
    30. Being overly trusting when approached by people
    31. Trusting a local and ending up lost
    32. Not arriving early enough to reserve your sun bed with a beach towel
    33. Not querying your hotel room on booking – so you end up with a bad view
    34. Forgetting your ear plugs
    35. Not knowing local dangers (e.g. avoiding tap water, salads etc)
    36. Deciding to get a really early flight home
    37. Leaving your passport in the room
    38. Sleeping with a stranger
    39. Booking the cheapest hotel – and being stuck in the middle of nowhere (no research on locations, facilities etc)
    40. Working on holiday instead of relaxing
    41. Being hospitalised / sustaining injuries
    42. Not paying extra to take more luggage
    43. Not researching the hotel, and its other residents, well enough
    44. Not knowing what to do in an emergency (e.g. 999 equivalent)
    45. Getting into unsafe taxis
    46. Travelling without insurance
    47. Taking all your currency out with you
    48. Not knowing local customs (e.g. appropriate dress)
    49. Riding mopeds without helmets
    50. Sleeping on the beach

Source: SPANA


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What would you guess tops the list for holiday regrets? (hint: it’s not travelling without insurance)