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CiSL & – Festive Opening Times

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To all new and existing customers please find below our opening times this festive period.

Christmas Eve – Open 9am until 1pm
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
Monday 29th December – Open 9.30am until 3.30pm
Tuesday 30th December – Open 9.30am until 3.30pm
New Years Eve – Open 9.30am until 1pm
New Years Day – Closed
Friday 2nd January – Return to normal hours 9am to 5pm

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From the CiSL Team

CiSL & – Festive Opening Times

The Secret to affordable Motor Insurance

Motor insurance (personal and commercial)

Car insurance

Motor insurance: the secret to smart, safe driving

There’s no escaping motor insurance; it’s a legal requirement and an essential part of good, safe motoring. But the way drivers think about and buy motor insurance is changing; more and more people are turning to quick-fix insurance or avoiding it entirely.

In fact now, 1 in 3 (34%) of all uninsured drivers are under the age of thirty, suggesting that young drivers are the main culprits. Another worrying statistic highlights that uninsured and untraced drivers injure up to 23,000 people and kill 160 people on Britain’s roads every year. What’s more, uninsured driving costs about £500 million per year, a price that is paid by honest motorists to the value of £30 per insurance premium.

The Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) law introduced in 2011 is a strong indication of the Government’s crackdown on uninsured drivers. The law states that even when a vehicle is not being used it must be insured – so you don’t have to be driving to get caught.

If you choose to drive without insurance, figures from the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) show that you are five times more likely to be involved in a road accident, fail to comply with other road traffic requirements, and be engaged in other criminal activity. Go uninsured and if caught, you could be fined, have your vehicle clamped, seized and disposed of; or face criminal prosecution.

Without motor insurance you not only put yourself at risk – both physically and financially – but you endanger other drivers on the road.

As your trusted broker, it’s our responsibility to highlight the implications in chasing cheap insurance deals and choosing a generic policy. This approach will only lead to two things: having significant gaps in cover and encountering problems when making a claim. Exposure to risks and being under-insured could leave you with huge repair costs, and possibly even legal bills.

Motor insurance doesn’t need to be an expensive burden, with our help and expert guidance it can be arranged easily and with minimal fuss.

For more information on motor insurance and the premium you can expect to pay, contact us today on 01737 373222 or visit

The Secret to affordable Motor Insurance

Severe Weather Warning – Flood Advice

Home insurance? visit
Home insurance? visit
Last winter (2013-2014) was one of the wettest on record which saw extensive flooding across the UK. Insurers did all that they could to help customers in the immediate aftermath. They provided emergency payments and alternative accommodation to customers, ensured they received expert help restoring their homes through their loss adjuster network, and rapidly increased their own operations, such as putting more employees onto the phones.
Flooding advice
What to do if you’re worried about flooding:
1.Check with the Environment Agency or Scottish Environment Protection Agency to see if you’re at risk of flooding.
2.Sign up to the Environment Agency or Scottish Environment Protection Agency flood alerts to get the latest information about flood in your area.
3.Get all your important insurance policy documents and emergency telephone numbers such as your insurer’s hotline, GP surgery and family and friends in a water proof folder and ensure that it is kept in an easily accessible place.
4.Make an emergency pack with water, food, spare keys, cash, a torch, spare batteries, a phone charge, medicines, glass/contacts and warm clothes – just in case.
5.Think about installing measures in your home that can stop or reduce flooding. The National Flood Forum is a good place to start.
What to do if think you’re going to be flooded:
1.Keep safe! Your own safety is the most important thing – follow instructions from the emergency services.
2.Make sure that those around you are safe. You might need to plan for children, elderly and disabled people who can be more vulnerable. Check with your neighbours that they know about any flood alert. Think about how you’re going to look after your pets.
3.If you are able, try and minimise damage – put expensive items and electrical goods upstairs, tie down tables, chairs and loose items in the garden. If there’s time, move your car to higher ground. Make sure to do this safely i.e. don’t try to lift heavy items by yourself.
4.Don’t forget photos and other things of sentimental value – move them upstairs or put them somewhere safe.
5.Switch off gas, electricity and water supplies before you leave your home.
If you have been flooded:
1.Call your insurer as soon as it is safe to do. They will be able to help explain what you need to do next. Your insurers emergency claim line number can be found in your policy booklet
2.Be careful when returning to your home or business premises. It may be damaged or have hidden dangers, especially if there is still flood water in it.
3.Don’t drink the water or use the gas and electricity until you are told by an expert that it is safe to do so. Children toys, kitchen utensils and anything that got wet will need to be disinfected.
4.Take pictures of the damage and don’t throw items away. It will help your insurer get you back to normal as quickly as possible.
5.Remember – It can take weeks to dry out a property after it is flooded, but your insurer and their loss adjuster will manage the process with you. For private residences, they will put you up in alternative accommodation if needed.
Need further advice or enquire regards policy that is best suited to your home please visit or call us on 01737 373222 
Severe Weather Warning – Flood Advice